Virgin Gorda!

There will be no rest for the weary during your trip to Virgin Gorda. Virgin Gorda is one of the most frequented islands in the BVI’s and for good reason. The island has so much offer from the Baths to the North Sound, so make sure you take your walking shoes, this might be one of your best stops.

History Lession
Virgin Gorda is the third largest (after Tortola and Anegada) and the second most populous island of the British Virgin Islands. A very different terrain from most of the other islands, having huge boulders strewn about the island, balanced precariously on the shores and hillsides. Rainfall on Virgin Gorda tends to be less than the other islands in the chain. Reef fringed coves and white sand beaches are found on the North shore and in beautiful Gorda Sound at the eastern end of the island. Christopher Columbus is said to have named the island "The Fat Virgin", because its silhouette resembles a rotund woman lying on her back.

The Baths
From the approach, visitors will see a shore lined with giant granite boulders but this awe of nature will not be appreciated until your toes hit the sand. Once we hit the beach, consider making your way up the trail to the “Top of the Baths” for a dip in their fresh water pool while you’re sipping on a rum punch. The “Top of the Baths” has some of the best views of the Drake, so don’t forget your camera! After you have lunch, hike back down the trail, find the entrance to the Baths and make your way through the grottoes. Your first stop on your journey will be the “Cathedral”, followed by an adventure of climbs, turns and twists that will eventually lead you to Devil’s Bay. It’s hard to describe the views within the grottoes, but we will just say it’s one of the wonders of the BVI’s and should not be missed.

The Grottoes
2 Bars
Two Swimming Beaches
“Top Of The Baths” Restaurant (I highly recommend the coconut chicken sandwich)
Shopping (Top Of The Baths)
Fresh Water Pool (Top Of The Baths)
Great Views! (Top Of The Baths)
Great Stop! Highly Recommend! A+

Spanish Town
Spanish Town is the largest town on Virgin Gorda and is home to the Yacht Harbor marina.

Overnight Slips
Nice Sunsets!
Ok Stop!

Leverick Bay
Located within the North Sound, Leverick Bay is always the preferred overnight stop for those looking at making the passage to Anegada. When arriving at Leverick, we might take a slip or just hang on a ball for the evening. You will appreciate the luxury to enjoy all the amenities (bar, showers, shopping, & pool) on during this stop.

Shopping (Including Pussers)
Vacation Rentals
Fresh Water Pool
Restaurant and Bar
Great provisioning
Overnight Slips & Moorings available
Weekly BBQ Buffet (Great Food and Value)
Entertainment (Home of the Michael Bean and the Jumbies)
Laundry Facilities
Trash Disposal
Great Stop! Highly Recommend! A+
Water (Drinking and Tanks)

Bitter End
The Bitter End Yacht Club, also located within the North Sound, is that perfect destination for those families with kids looking for activities geared around water and sailing. Although the majority of their business is driven by land based vacationers, the Bitter End does maintain a number of overnight mooring balls for charterers.

Some provisioning
Moorings available
Ok Stop!

Saba Rock
What Saba Rock lacks in size, it offers in atmosphere. Within just a stones throw away from the Bitter End Yacht Club, you will find Saba Rock. The island itself is no more than an acre and a half in size but it’s home to a hotel, a bar and restaurant and a small museum filled with antique outboard motors and RMS Rhone artifacts. Saba Rock has always been one of our favorite destinations and we will likely catch the ferry for late night drinks on this small island.

It would be an injustice not to mention Bert Kilbride when either talking about Saba Rock, the RHS Rhone or even the BVI’s. If you enjoy history, I encourage everyone to Google Bert Kilbride. Bert is a legend within the BVI’s and is commonly known as the “Last Pirate of the Caribbean”.

Offical Web Site for Bert Kilbride
Short Bio of Saba Rock by BVI Welcome.

A ferry service is available between Saba, the Bitter End and Leverick.

8 Bedroom Hotel
Gift Shop (Huge Collection of Atochia Coins)
Moorings and Slips available
Nautical Museum
Great Stop! Highly Recommend! B+
Water (Tanks only)

Sorry, No Shoes Are Allowed!

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