Anegada Island!

18° 44′ 43.3140″N/64° 24′ 6.8436″W! Are these the coordinates of a treasure that were once held secret by a dreaded pirate but were then forfeited while under the influence of too many grogs? Well, I guess that would depend on someone’s definition of a treasure. As for many people who have visited this island, this is just one gem that can be found in the British Virgin Islands.

About Anegada Island: At only 28 feet above sea level and stretching no more than 10 miles wide, this small coral island is blanketed with some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in the world. It would not be unexpected to walk for miles without seeing another soul but then to be surprised at the site of Sir Richard kite surfing at Cow Wreck or Mr. Margaretville strumming a few tunes at the Anegada Reef Motel.

The island is unlike the other islands in the chain as it is uniquely surrounded by Horseshoe Reef, one of the world's longest at 18 miles along with a steep history of shipwrecks. Anegada is also the most sparsely populated of the main islands (population roughly 250), most of which live in an area called the Settlement. The interior of Anegada is also covered by two-thirds water that makes up numerous salt ponds, which are home to the Caribbean Pink Flamingo. Measuring 11 miles by three, its highest point is just 28 feet above sea level and is located 18.42 north and 64.23 west.

Beach Bars, Restaurants and Hotels:
Cow Wreck Beach Bar
Just three words! Piece of Paradise!! Bell, Annie, and Andrew have made the Cow Wreck Beach Bar one of the best destinations to have lunch, just relax and catch the kite surfers. We consider Cow Wreck to be one of the best beaches in the BVI’s. When you visit, don't be shy about serving your own drinks from behind the bar

Big Bamboo (At Loblolly Bay)
Considered by many to be one of the best snorkeling areas on the island. Unlike Cow Wreck, the restaurant and bar sits back off the beach, which makes Loblolly one of the most secluded beaches on the island. You will also have a few more amenities at Loblolly over Cow Wreck, including a few gift shops. Overall, a great place to spend a sunny afternoon. btw, Don’t forget to grab a magnifying glass at the bar and immortalize your trip by burning your names into some driftwood.

Neptune’s Beach Motel and Restaurant
One of our favorite restaurants on the island that offers a great sunset view, one the best lobster dinners and the best Bushwacker in the Islands. If we are luckly, we might be able to catch Andrew (CWB) spinning the (digital) vinyl after your meal.

Anegada Reef Hotel and Restaurant
We have not personally been to the Anegada Reef Hotel but from what we understand, they serve a great lobster.

Anegada Beach Club and Hotel
The Anegada Beach Club has done a very nice job making this property an excellent value with great customer service. We normally will make this our last stop before heading back to the boat for dinner. Great bar, beach and fresh water pool.

Potter’s By The Sea
During the day, it doesn’t look like much but when the sun sets and the lobsters hit the grill, Potter’s By The Sea comes to life. Potter’s is a great place for your guests and crew to spend an evening while on Anegada. Great Lobsters and Great Food. A+!

Pam’s Kitchen (Bakery and Pizza)
If you are traveling with kids or teenagers, think about picking up a pizza for them and let the adults have a lobster dinner on shore.

Danny’s Bonefishing: If you’re up for some adventure, spend a day Bonefishing with your guide, Danny Vanterpool. It’s worth every penny! Also, don’t forget to ask Danny about his Jimmy Buffet encounter(s).

BVI Pirate – Anegada Chart
Although Anegada is only 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, many chartering companies will discourage sailing out to island without pervious experiences due to the hazardous reefs surrounding the island. If you do venture out to Anegada, the best resource available on the web was created by local resident, Walker Magnum. I encourage anyone thinking about sailing to Anegada to visit his site at BVI Pirate and download his chart at BVI Pirate – Anegada Chart

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Sorry, No Shoes Are Allowed!

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