Norman Island!

The provisioning has been done, your bags have been stowed, the skippers meeting is over and the Chartering company has checked us out. Finally, the moment you have been waiting for is here, so kill the engines, raise the sails and we will put Tortola on our stern (for now).

First Stop, Norman Island! Or should we say “Treasure Island”? It’s been said that Norman Island was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s, so if you have any salt in your blood or had any notions to be a pirate, a trip to the legendary Treasure Island is now in your future.

Around Norman Island: Compared to many of the other islands in the BVI’s, Norman is rather a small island but it has a little something for everyone.

History Lession
Legend plays a large part in the history of Norman Island with tales of pirates and treasure caves, although the role of the island as the model for the epic “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson is perhaps the most famous legend of all. While the island is now uninhabited, farmers have in the past reared cattle there and today the Caves are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the islands.

Catch The “Caves” for some great Snorkeling.
Wake up early and take advantage of the walking trails on the island. The island has some of the best views of the Islands.
Snorkel the “Indians” before setting sail for your next destination.

The Pirate’s Bight:The Pirate’s Bight was remodeled a few years back only to become victim to the curse of it’s famous namesake, the Billy Bones. The Bight experienced a horrible fire back in 2013 that leveled the restaurant but with new owners and some determination, the Bight is back in Business and better than ever.

Just rebuilt in 2014
Nice Beach
Food is good but pricey

The Willie-T’S: What can anyone say about a floating barge that has been made into an old pirate ship. The Willie-T is made up of a bar and small Restaurant, the food is just OK but the value in the (adult) entertainment is well worth a late night trip.

Lunch is just OK
For Grown-ups Only!
Clothing is sometimes Optional!
The Drinks are VERY strong!
Keep an eye on your dingy!!!!
Ask for a Tattoo
Have FUN and don’t forget your dancing shoes feet!

One of the best Sunsets in the BVI’s
Great Snorkeling
Restaurants: Pirate’s Bight, The Willie-T
No provisioning.
Entertainment A+

Sorry, No Shoes Are Allowed!

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