Cooper Island!

Peter or Cooper? On a normal seven charter in the BVI’s, selecting between Peter Island and Cooper Island has always been a very difficult choice. Both islands have so much to offer, so it comes down to your personal preference for what you want to do for the day. If you are looking to get off the boat and spending the afternoon hiking or lounging around the (Deadman’s) beach, you might want to consider Peter but if you want to spend the afternoon sailing the Drake and you’re more interested in the nightlife, then Cooper is for you. Either way, you will not be disappointed.

Around Cooper Island: Manchioneel Bay is home for all the major activities on Cooper Island. Once on a ball, you can enjoy the day at the Cooper Island Beach Club Bar or renting paddle board for the afternoon. If you are into diving, then a visit to Cooper’s dive shop, the Sail Caribbean Divers, is a must.

History Lession
Fallen Jerusalem: This uninhabited island was declared a National Park in 1974 because of the importance of it being a sanctuary for several species of birds including the endangered Red-Billed Tropic Bird. The island offers relaxing bird-watching along the shore where you can view Brown Boobies, Pelicans, Laughing Gulls, Noddies and Terns, Good snorkeling can be found on North Lee Bay.

Nearby Salt Island is named for its salt ponds, but is most famous as the location of a ship wreck. The Wreck of The Rhone is one of the most famous dive sites in the world. Located off Salt Island, the R.M.S Rhone (Royal Mail Steamer) went down in 1867 in a hurricane. One of the first iron ships built, The Rhone still had the graceful lines of a sailing ship, while outfitted as a sail-steamer from the early days of these ships

The Rhone lies on a reef in 20-80 feet of water so diving to various depths or snorkeling is optional. "Awash" in schools of friendly fish, the Wreck of The Rhone is a great dive, fully encrusted for over a century in corals and sponges. The bow, lies in about 70' of water. Support beams for the horizontal deck lie on their sides. The stern has a massive propeller (15' across) that lies in 25' of water. Her propeller is so enormous that it is more likely to be recognized by a snorkeler from the surface than a diver up close at depth due to its huge size.

The Rhone were made famous in 1977 as the location for the movie, "The Deep".

Cooper Island Beach Club and Restaurant: Over the last few years, the restaurant has had some challenges but they are better than ever now. Great Food, Great Rum Drinks and Great Sunsets.

Perfect for watching Sunsets
Great Menu Selection
Average Entry: $25
Overall: B+

Nice Hotel with Beach Front Cottages
Sail Caribbean Divers (Dive Shop)
Beachfront restaurant & bar
Perfect Sunsets
Over 30 mooring balls
Coffee Shop
Great snorkeling
Gift shop
Overall: A+

Sorry, No Shoes Are Allowed!

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