Back to the Drake!

After our stay on Anegada, it will be time to raise our sails, throw out a few fishing lures and head back south to the Sir France Drake. After about a "Three Hour Sail", we will either head over to catch a ball at Marina Caye or catch a clip at Scrub Island for the rest of the day. This will provide some time for everyone to get your land legs back, enjoy the pool at Scrub Island or sit back at Pusser's on Marina Caye.

Scrub Island and Resort
Scrub Island and Resort is rather new to the BVI scene but it has quickly made a name for itself. The resort comes with all the amenities you would expect from a luxury resort, including a fine restaurant, spa, a swim-up bar and most importantly, a collection of large & PRIVATE showers for the yachties.

Web Site:

Dive Shop
Swim-Up Bar
Overnight Slips
The best Jerk Chicken Wings
They tie for first (w/ Neptune Treasure) for the best Bushwackers in the Caribbean!
Best Showers in the Caribbean!
Ice, Water and Trash Disposal is available.
Great Stop! A+

Marina Cay
You cannot go wrong with catching a ball at Marina Cay. Although less than an eight-acre in size, this small island is rich in history and offers a Pusser’s gift shop, hotel and a restaurant. We highly recommend Marina Cay if your looking at some quiet time on the boat and a nice dinner on shore.

“Two on the Isle: A Memory of Marina Cay” by Robb White. An excellent book about the history of Marina Cay. The book is out of print and very hard to find but it is sometimes available on ebay. We have the book and pick it up at least once a year during a trip.

If you enjoy old movies and Sidney Poitier, pick up “Virgin Island” in the gift shop. The movie is taken from the book, “Two on the Isle”.

Web Site:

Hotel (8 Beautiful rooms overlooking the Sir Francis Drake Channel)
Tons of History!
Ice is available.
Great Stop! B+

Trellis Bay
Trellis Bay is best know for being an artist colony and offers an array of craft shops, bars and coffee/internet Cafe’s. Trellis is also best know for it’s full moon parties, so if you happen to be around for a full moon, Trellis might be on our itinerary!

Full Moon Parties
The Mongoose Hotel
Free Trash Disposal
Ok Stop! C

Sorry, No Shoes Are Allowed!

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