Jost Van Dyke!

Although ranked as one of the smallest islands in the British Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke is one island you can’t judge by its size. Jost is roughly 3 square miles, it is home to four harbours (if you count Diamond Cay) and just off it’s shore, you will find two of the most beautiful Cayes (Sandy Spit and Sandy Caye) within all of the islands. Although small, Jost is one of the most popular islands in all of the Caribbean.

Fun Facts
Jost Van Dyke was the birthplace of William Thornton. William Thornton was the architect of the US Capitol and the first Superintendent of the United States Patent Office.

Diamond Cay
Sometimes it is easy to overlook Diamond Cay due to the popularity of the Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s, but in our opinion, it is a wonderful day stop. We will spend the morning swimming with the turtles and then we can stretch our legs by taking small hike to the Bubbling pool. Once we have your dip in the Bubbling Pool, we can consider having lunch at Little Foxy’s Taboo. Voted one of the best Pizza’s in the Caribbean.

Fun Facts
Folklore states that the Bubbling Pool is where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic.

Little Harbour
Although it’s known to be the place to hunker down when the weather kicks up, it should be known for it’s lobster. If you find yourself wanting to spend a quiet evening on Jost, we can catch a spot in Little Harbour and visit either Harris’ Place or Sidney’s Peace & Love Restaurant for a lobster dinner. We can’t go wrong.

Great Harbour
As in the name, Great Harbour is the central hub for Jost and it is home of one of the most famous bars in the Caribbean. There is not much we can say here that has not been already said on the internet. It’s a must stop on any itinerary and don’t forget to get your pic taken with the man himself, Sir Foxy.

Foxy’s BBQ!
Foxy’s karaoke night on Wednesday’s!
Corsairs Restaurant and Bar (GREAT Hamburgers!!!!!)
Jost Van Dyke Scuba Shop
Garbage Disposal
Great Stop! B+

White Bay
Prior to Kenny Chesney making this location famous in his videos, it has always been home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the BVI’s, if not in all the Caribbean. For us, the beach that tops the list has always been a toss up between Deadman’s Bay, the beaches on Anegada and White Bay. But if you are looking for palm trees, white sand and the perfect of beach bar, then the Soggy Dollar, Ivan’s Stress Free Bar and White Bay is our destination for the day.

The Soggy Dollar Bar
Over the dozen years or so we have been chartering in the BVI’s, we can tell you that we have been to the SDB more times than we can count. Yes, we have had our share of it’s famous drink, the Pain killer. we have enjoyed watching the folks from St. Thomas make the SDB their playground for the day and we've always tried to pick up a cool shirt or two for those who we left behind in the states. But after an afternoon with Jerry (owner of the SGB), we soon discovered that all our thoughts and impressions of the SDB were all superficial. How could we have been so wrong about this small bar that is firmly nestled in the palms of White Bay? How Kenny was so right and we were so wrong! It is the history and couple named George and Marie Myrick that makes this place special.

That Perfect Beach!
That Perfect Bar!
Jerry, Tish & Ivan
Bars & Restaurants
The Sandcastle Hotel at Soggy Dollar
The Ring Game
A Must Stop! A+

Sorry, No Shoes Are Allowed!

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