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Climb aboard for a seven day excursion!

Have you been dreaming of days of doing absolutely NOTHING? No Phones? No Responsibilities? No Traffic? No Politics? What would you say if we could instead provide you Blue Skys, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean , Palm Trees on the beach, Rum Punches and Sunsets? Would you be INTERESTED?

With so many places and islands to explore, Island Time Charters has created that perfect sailing and island adventure for you. HOWEVER, being on Island Time, if you and your guests would like to change course and stay an extra day at a port of call, we have that luxury. Give us a call and we will be excited to work with you to create that special trip.


Port of Call



Soper’s Hole (In Slip)
Ashore (Pusser’s)
Arrival & Sleep Aboard

Norman Island
On Board
Pirates Bight, Willy T's, Snorkeling

Peter Island
On Board
Resort, Beach, Pool, Hiking, Sunset Loop, Showers Available

Leverick Bay (In Slip)
Ashore (Hog Heaven)
The Baths, Pool, Evening Coatails at Saba Rock, Micheal Bean Show, Showers Available, Provisioning

Ashore (Lobster)
Cow Wreck Beach, Lob Lolly, Anegada Beach Resort, Beach, Snorkeling

Scrub Island (In Slip)
On Board
Resort, Swim Up Pool, Showers Available, Provisioning

Soper's Hole (In Slip)
Ashore (Pusser’s)
Snorkeling, Day Trip to Jost, Foxy's, Soggy Dollar, Showers Available

Friday (Alt)
Jost Van Dyke
Ashore (Foxy's BBQ)
Snorkeling, Day Trip to Jost, Foxy's, Soggy Dollar, Showers Available

Soper's Hole (In Slip)
Ashore (Breakfast)

Sorry, No Shoes Are Allowed!

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